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What Sets Us Apart

In House Laundry Facility

To ensure our Clean Bed Promise, we launder to temps of 130° exceeding CDC recommendations, with commercial grade washers & dryers in our  6,000+ sf  state of the art laundry facility. Along with our state of the art Pneumatic towel folding machine, we are able to meet our high turn over demand. 

In House Housekeeping

In 2019, Padre Escapes made the big decision to move from subcontracting every clean, to having 100% in-house, housekeeping. The #1 leading factor to switch from subs or independent contractors to in-house employees was simple: Control.

Having our in-house housekeeping department allows us to take control of several factors that we would not otherwise have control of when working with independent contractors:

  • Accountability
    • Having in-house housekeepers makes it possible for us to know the capabilities/limits of each cleaner, allows us to track who are in units at any given time, and when we have cleaning issues, or need to give praise, we know exactly who to go to.
  • Consistency
    • We train our staff! This allows us to dictate which cleaning chemicals are used, how they are used, and the ability to make mandatory meetings possible. This goes hand in hand with accountability, as it gives us the power to hold housekeepers accountable for their cleans, which we believe is a critical component.
  • Payroll/Scheduling
    • Understanding the exact pay scale, and being able to adjust as needed, is huge. We have the opportunity to tweak the numbers periodically, as we learn more about the market, and new systems are implemented. Having this department in-house allows us to build relationships with our housekeepers and learn how to schedule them for success.
  • Accurate Data Tracking
    • Our company holds department wide KPI (Key Performance Indicators) meetings, where every department head oversees tracking their department`s success.  Lucy, our Director of Housekeeping, keeps track of multiple key points (number of units assigned, amount of inspector callbacks, as well as guest/owner issues, etc.). We use this information to shine light on each cleaners` potential weaknesses which enables us to turn them into "teachable moments". This data tracking also allows us to give credit where credit is due, shining lights on those who do a remarkable job.
  • Background checks
    • We ensure background checks are conducted on employees that have access to our many properties. This gives us an extra layer of protection on whom we allow to have access to properties we manage. 

In House Maintenance 

Our in-house maintenance team takes pride in leaving properties better than they found them and ensuring that properties are in tip-top shape. Our maintenance team has over 45 years of experience, are available 24/7, and they know how to get the job done right the first time. They can handle anything; from hanging a TV, to drywall and paint, as well as minor plumbing and appliance repairs. Most management companies outsource this work to costly contractors, or less experienced maintenance techs, resulting in extra expenses for owners.

 We know that every situation is different, therefore, when our team encounters an out-of-the-ordinary issue, our in-house Repair Coordinators will reach out to go over possible solutions with you. Sometimes repairs make sense, yet other times replacements make more sense. In the event our in-house maintenance team are unable to do the scope of work, we reach out to a vast group of contractors.

 One of the key benefits of partnering with a long-standing, local management company like Padre Escapes is the relationships they have established. Having established relationships, with the area`s best service providers, ensures that when a high-level problem occurs, we can get the necessary repairs performed efficiently, quickly, and correctly by a licensed tech. This minimizes downtime, which in turn, maximizes guest satisfaction, and helps to ensure the long-term success of your investment.

 The best part about our maintenance team is they are as friendly as can be and very approachable when you do run into them. They will happily answer any questions you might have. But don`t take our word for it, just read the reviews guests posted about them:

We`re Local

and much more...

These are just a few of the ways we separate ourselves from the competition. Give us a call for more details on how Padre Escapes continues to raise the bar on what is expected from a vacation rental management company on North Padre Island. 888-316-7182, extension #4

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