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Managing a vacation rental property is no small task

Phone calls, e-mails, text messages, coordinating with housekeepers, and guests and anytime something comes up, you are on call, 24/7. You also need to be a licensed plumber, AC tech, electrician and hospitality expert.

And...Where do you market your property? Pay Hotel Occupancy Tax? Federal Taxes? Are you following state and local regulations?

What if a guest won't leave? Yep, it's a lot!

You may start out managing your property to save the cost of a management fee but what you end up losing is something even more valuable, your TIME.

At Padre Escapes we have the processes, procedures, technologies, staff, and knowledge to handle the high volume of communication that is required to manage vacation rental properties. We know what guests expect and we know how to deliver.  All while ensuring that your property is safe, your liability is reduced, and that you are paid timely and that all applicable taxes and regulations are taken care of.

Powerful Marketing

We optimize your property's listings on all major third-party booking sites, like VRBO and Airbnb, to ensure your property gets maximum marketing exposure and increased booking performance but distribution sites are not our best source of bookings. 

Repeat customers, referrals, and our state of the art website,, make up for 60% of our reservations. This gives us greater control and visibility of incoming reservations. Over the years we have built up a database of over 40,000 past guests and engaged renters who we continually market to through e-mail marketing campaigns and targeted digital advertising. We keep our website on the first page of Google with high quality content along with SEM, SEO, and PPC advertising, social media, public relations and more. 

expert rate management

Balancing maximum occupancy and maximum daily rate is the key to maximizing your ROI. 

Don't leave money on the table. All too often we will hear from an owner who is self-managing "I'm fully booked for June and it's only March!" With our experience in this market we know they're not charging enough. They'll be charging $100/night for June dates and yes they will be fully booked in March but we'll charge $160/night for June and by the end of June we'll get 28 nights booked. 

  • Self-Managed
    • $100 * 30 nights = $3,000 to owner
  • Padre Escapes Mgmt.
    • $175 * 28 nights = $4480
    • $4900 * 25% mgmt fee. = $1225
    • $4900 - $1225 = $3675 to owner 

All-to-often you'll be better off paying a management fee and not having to deal with the stress that comes along with self-managing.

Trust accounting

We follow trust-based accounting principles to ensure your money is secure and is never comingled with operating capital. We believe this is the only way vacation rental management companies should handle funds. We also guarantee your money goes out by the 5th of every month along with an easy-to-read monthly statement reflecting your property’s activity. If there are any bills for services performed you’ll get a copy of the vendor’s bill. So you can rest assured there will be no up-charges for services performed on your property. 

We also handle all state and local hotel occupancy taxes on your behalf and at the end of each year you'll get a 1099 and a final statement with a breakdown of your total income and expenses for the year. 

professional housekeeping

Keeping your vacation rental property clean is no easy task but providing our guests with a clean and safe property is a goal we have always cared deeply about. We’ve worked with industry leaders to train our housekeeping teams to meet the highest standards in the entire industry. 

Since COVID-19 Padre Escapes has implemented additional measures to ensure that all properties meet our strictest guidelines ever by requiring that all properties be cleaned with disinfecting products that meet CDC standards. Every room, in every property, is professionally cleaned with these products and standards before an arrival.

Cleaning is a tough job and we all make mistakes from time to time. That’s why we have our guests services team follow up after every clean and do a full property inspection. We want to make sure that every property meets our high standards for every stay.

property care

We handle the coordination of all maintenance & repairs at your property. For little stuff such as, light bulbs, replacing toilet seats, AC filters, etc. we have an in-house team of maintenance personnel and there is no labor cost on quick fix issues, such as these. For major repairs we only work with licensed, reputable, and insured vendors that we use in our own homes.

We also provide 24/7 customer service and maintenance personnel to address issues that may come up after hours. 

rules & regulations

We are knowledgeable of state laws and local statutes and ordinances that apply to vacation rentals. You can be assured that your property will always be incompliance with these regulations. We also work with city officials to ensure short-term rental property owners have a voice in setting new ordinances. 

and much more

Give us a call for more details on everything Padre Escapes can do for you. 888-316-7182, extension #4 

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